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Founded in 2011, and located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Drake Marks is a Canadian Intellectual Property firm specializing exclusively in the registration of trademarks and the provision of trademark agency-related services.


We advise clients on all aspects of trademark prosecution, including advising clients on the registrability and availability of trademarks, the prosecution of applications, opposition and expungement proceedings and rights transfer.  In our practice we enforce clients' trademark rights in Canada and abroad.  We regularly represent foreign IP firms to obtain protection of their clients' trademarks in Canada.

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Trademark Registration

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We understand the value and importance of trademark registration and for many years we have helped our clients to obtain and maintain their trademarks in a variety of different ways, including, ensuring a proposed trademark is available for use and registration, preparing and filing trademark applications for registration, preparing arguments to substantive Examiner's Reports and formalities issues, trademark registration renewals, opposition and trademark cancellation proceedings. We also provide trademark registrations in other countries through our extensive network of foreign associates.

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Opposition and Expungement

We have expertise in navigating and successfully resolving trademark opposition and expungement proceedings, showcasing a track record of proven competence in these complex and specialized areas.

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International Registrations

We represent foreign IP firms to obtain protection of their clients' trademarks in Canada.  Similarly, through our extensive network or foreign associates, we obtain trademark registration for our clients in various foreign jurisdictions, including the United States, Europe, and Australia.




Drake Marks Associates has the breadth and depth of experience in all aspects of trademark registration.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the strongest trademark protection while developing and maintaining long-term relationships. We represent clients with a wide variety of products and services. Our trademark services are tailored to each client's specific industry sector and individual requirements. We also have great working relationships with trademark agents and attorneys worldwide. We do not simply file or prosecute applications in a routine, mechanical way; we pride ourselves in learning about our client's business, its marketing focus and its resources. We work with each client to develop a trademark strategy that maximizes the client's resources in the context of its most vital needs for protection.

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